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We are proud to say, we use only genuine sea glass in every piece we design


 Welcome To Sea Glass Jewels and Company

My 25 year career as a floral designer started back in the late 70's (Yikes!)  but I was always a beachcomber at heart.

Even back then, I was always collecting sea glass

on the New Jersey shoreline, where I grew up.

Never imagining I would become a

sea glass Jewelry


Sea Glass Jewels and Company

was founded in 2002 and since then we have been determined to use only genuine sea glass that we collect in the Greek Islands.

Our goal is to keep our business small and personal ensuring each client that they are truly important to us.

We hope you enjoy browsing our sea glass jewelry site and if you have any questions I am always available to help.



Maybe you are wondering exactly what Sea Glass Is?

Sea glass is any glass element that eventually makes its way to a body of water. The smooth shards of sea glass that are found along the shorelines of oceans and the great lakes throughout the world result from the tumbling with the surf and sand over time.

The transformation of sharp-edged pieces of glass into the smooth, colorful gem-like sea glass that collector's desire can take years and years, depending on the area where the glass is found.

We spend countless hours collecting our sea glass.

thus, assuring our clients that it is truly genuine sea glass in every piece we design.

Nowadays, with people becoming more and more creative in replicating sea glass, we find it very important to collect each and every piece we use.

We spend a lot of our time in the Greek Islands so you will find most of the genuine sea glass in our one of a kind designs has been found in this gorgeous country.

We choose to call our glass, sea glass and not beach glass because it is found on the shorelines of the Aegean Sea.
















then comes the cleaning and sorting this is a lengthy tedious process. Sorting the sea glass is similar to doing a puzzle.

People often ask us how we find such close matches when designing our sea glass earrings?

We keep a large board in our studio and are constantly finding matching pieces.


The matching pieces of sea glass end up being one of our many pairs of earrings.


 Our sea glass jewelry is totally handcrafted with care using only the highest quality sterling silver,14kt gold filled and 14kt gold on request. All the gems used in our sea glass jewelry are genuine and have been sought out and carefully chosen to bring out the beauty of the natural sea glass.


We have a love and passion for sea glass designs, and continue to strive for new and fresh designs


Please feel free to inquire about custom designs. If you have that special piece of sea glass that you have found, we will be more than happy to create a one of a kind piece especially for you.

So relax and we hope you enjoy browsing our site with over 600 pieces of genuine sea glass jewelry.

Thank you so much!







Spring has Sprung and we have added many new items to our site for those beach days that are right around the corner!


 One of our many new items

One of our many new items

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"live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink the wild air" 

Proud to be a past board member for the North American Sea Glass Association

And Also

Advisory board member for The Sea Glass Center