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I write this with a heavy and guilty heart knowing my family, friends, home state and our East Coast neighbors are suffering from the affects of Sandy.

We flew in from Greece that Wednesday to New Jersey and left quickly to return to our home in the Florida Keys to beat the hurricane. Which is ironic as the islands that we live on here in the Keys are usually the most vulnerable to hurricanes. Should we have stayed??

This has turned out to be the kind of tragedy that is just inconceivable. I have asked myself this week over and over has this really happened? The devastation is hard to comprehend.

I was born in New Jersey, and lived in the town on Sea Bright for 15 years. The thing that I loved about going back there was that Sea Bright was one of the few towns that had not changed since I was a child, as small fishing village with building restrictions.

That has all changed now. The town is unrecognizable.

I have memories from most towns and villages up and down the Jersey Shore. Our summers were spent on Long Beach Island, my Godmother lived in Seaside Heights and on and on.

Seeing the devastation on television here is just hard to comprehend.

They say things happen for a reason and this was the first summer in 13 years that I spent on the New Jersey Shore, I feel fortunate I got to see it for the last time.


This is my old beach in Sea Bright. I took these pictures last August.


I have spent a lot of time defending my state in the last 13 years, people just don't understand how really beautiful it is. And they will never understand just how strong people from New Jersey are. I have no doubt that they will rebuild their homes and lives.

But the sad thing is that if you have never experienced the Jersey Shore, you can just never understand how quaint and gorgeous it was.

With love and hope for all the people of the East Coast that have lost so much.