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Sea Glass Beginings

As I start on this new website journey, I woke up this morning feeling the need to go back to my roots.

Yes I am a "Jersey" girl although I rarely use that term, as it conjures up images of "Snookie" and the gang, and their lives are very far from the way I grew up spending blissful days at the beach, never the "shore" in New Jersey.

It is a stroke of serendipity that I am in New Jersey today, and this morning I took a long walk on my old childhood beach where sea glass was found by the buckets back in the 1960's. Of course the reasons there was so much sea glass back then are bleak, dumping in those days was rampant and uncontrolled, and besides all the sea glass we found, there were also mounds of garbage that came with it. Today I found a pristine beach with very few people, and not one piece of the precious sea glass I so desire.

What I did find was a clear blue sky, clean green water, and not a trace of garbage except an occasional broken shell and pieces of driftwood. All and all, I found a sense of pride and happiness that I am indeed a "Jersey" Girl.

"Please follow me as I take you on my sea glass journey"


Sea Bright, New Jersey   August 30, 2012