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North American Sea Glass Festival

This past week The North American Sea Glass Association had their annual festival. The NASGA is an association dedicated to educating and providing a forum for sea glass enthusiasts from around the world. I have had a seat on The NASGA board for the last three years, and for me it just adds to the excitement of the weekend.

This year we chose Virginia Beach for our location. The VA convention center was a grand choice, a large venue with a friendly professional staff helping to make the festival happen, along with the vast amount of volunteers.

There is a certain thrill to be in the room with sixty other sea glass artisans. The thing that always amazes me is the eclectic creativity used with these gems that we find along shorelines around the world. The ideas are endless.

Thousands of people filled the convention center to come and admire and purchase our work. Most of them, what I affectionately call "sea glass freaks" and plenty of new people that are filled with curiosity and wonder about the history and mystery of sea glass.

As I recover from this years festival my sites are already set on next year.

For now, I have taken a six week journey to my favorite collecting country, Greece.

I have high hopes of replenishing my collection as you can never, ever have to much sea glass in your possession.

What I am hoping to find in the next six weeks here in Greece

What I am hoping to find in the next six weeks here in Greece