Sea Glass Blog


I have always been a collector for as long as I can remember.

The first object I can remember collecting were boxes. Wooden, metal, paper, glass. Carved, etched decorated or plain. My childhood room was filled with boxes, I can even remember keeping my older sisters Noxzema boxes. I was just fascinated with the sizes textures the designs.

In my 20's my obsession became shopping bags. Yes, I mean the bags they give you when you leave a store. It was an incredible collection as we lived outside NYC and it was back in the day when stores had themes for their bags. I had them from all over the world, people knew about my collection and would save them for me. I still have that collection and my dream is to wallpaper a room with them one day.

On to my 30's I became enthralled with nature. I would seek out empty birds nests, I had a huge empty hornets nest that was amazing.

I began to do some serious traveling at this point in my life and started to collect rocks and stones from as far away as New Zealand.

What I have not mentioned is that through all these years I always collected sea glass. My other collections may have come and gone, but sea glass collecting has been a life long obsession. I have the great fortune to do a lot of traveling so my collection is an eclectic mix from around the country and parts of the world.

Who knew that my childhood collecting obsession would bring me full circle to this day where I have made it my full time career.

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