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How to Design Using Sea Glass

So for our final chapter in the How to of Sea Glass we will discuss

How to Design Using Sea Glass. 

I consider myself very fortunate that my design talent is a gift.

I was born into a family of creative people and was allowed to express myself creatively as a child. I was a floral designer for many years with my own business, so the transition to sea glass designing came very to easy to me as I am totally self taught.

We all have a creative side within us, and of course art is interpretation so leave yourself open for creativity.

Maybe you love your sea glass and just want to display it in a cool bowl or container, this is a design in itself.

Perhaps you would like to become more serious and begin to drill your sea glass or wire wrap your sea glass for jewelry.

Drilling can be very tricky and I have found a link for you here to get you started


Jewelry Making Journal has some great articles and courses a great reference for beginner designers.

Maybe you are against drilling and would like to wrap your sea glass here is a simple video to get you started.

Of course the possibilities are endless with designing.

Make yourself aware and study colors, textures and balance.

It can take time and patience.  Do not be afraid to browse the web for ideas, and then make them your own.

All and all if you love your work it will show in the end product, so relax take a breath and get started!

This ends our How to Series please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions, I am very open to helping people that are looking to begin a career in sea glass.







One of our drilled and hand wired sterling silver charm bracelets