Sea Glass Blog

We made it through the long Winter!

Seems unbelievable that I have not written our blog since December and now Summer is a month away....

We are busy preparing for our largest show of the year (we only do two) in Lewes Delaware June 28th and 29th. If you have never visited Lewes it is a charming town with flowers in bloom and the scent of the ocean in the air.

The Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival is an eclectic mix of sea glass lovers and designers, outside in the fresh air always a fun and successful day for us.

It is a time when we get to launch our new sea glass jewelry line as our pieces evolve and change constantly.  It is the same with our website, I bore easily and am always looking for new ideas and designs.

Hope to see you in Delaware and please come by and say hello!



Below are just a few of our new designs