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Our Greek Sea Glass Adventure

We are currently in Greece. Preparing to take a sailboat for a month through the Aegean Sea. With my husband at the helm, a Captain here in Greece for more than 40 years it will be an adventure.

Of course our main goal is to collect sea glass but there is something here in Greece that just touches your soul. You may not realize it a first as you are still in the USA state of mind, running, shopping, texting, but after a few days on the boat you begin to change, life becomes brighter, slower, your mind begins to wind down and your heart and soul are held captive by the beauty of this fabulous country.

My plan is to take you with us, now don't hold it against me if I do not keep up, as I said we are still outside of Athens in our home at the moment. And here in Voula it is not so different as you might think from the good ol' USA, it is when you arrive on the islands that the magic happens!

So here is an invite to follow us on our SEA GLASS journey through the Greek Islands.

Welcome aboard and see you soon!