Sea Glass Blog

Our 2017 Sea Glass Year

Well here we are the end of 2017.

We feel fortunate as we have had a good year here at Sea Glass Jewels and Co. Our first year in our new home in Delaware. It allowed us to do a few more Sea Glass shows, expand our studio and spend sometime collecting sea glass not only here in Delaware, but in my home state of New Jersey as well. We also spent 6 weeks in Greece (our other home) collecting some fabulous pieces of sea glass and that will be the January project now that the Christmas rush is over. I  bring the sea glass home in zip locks wrapped in bubble wrap in my suitcase, so far I have never been questioned about it, although I have been holding my breath for the last 17 years that I have been bringing it back. It needs to be unwrapped, cleaned in a mix of water and white vinegar and then sorted by color and then re-sorted and re-sorted by size and quality. My next blog will include photos of this process.

Our hope for everyone is a healthy and happy 2018!

See you soon