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The Sea Glass Life Just Flies By....

Hard to believe half of 2017 is over...I know the old saying "seems like it was just Christmas" well really wasn't it?

Many new things happened for us this year, we moved from the Florida Keys to lower Delaware, slower lower they call it, and in some ways it does have the Keys feeling, people are nice and friendly for sure, we are still by the water and there are many SEA Glass Lovers here!

New house means a new studio, it took 15 home depot buckets just to move all the sea glass we have collected through the years, most of it brought home in suitcases from Greece and some from California. But the new studio is organized, bright and we even picked the color sea glass for the wall without realizing it, just meant to be....

Being in Delaware has allowed us to spread our wings a bit and do a few shows. In April we were in St. Michael's for the Eastern Shore Sea Glass and Coastal Art Festival, a great show with Kim at the helm, we saw a lot of old friends and made a lot of new ones as well.

In May we drove up to New Hampshire for The Northeast Sea Glass Expo. Debbie is a lovely person who made the festival run smoothly. Again we met and saw so many old and new friends a wonderful time a hoping to go back again next year.

Now we are getting ready for the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival, June 24th and 25th. For the last 8 years we have packed up the car and drove the 25 hours to be here for this fabulous show. This year it is a 15 minute drive and this is a really good thing. We always look forward to seeing so many of you at this show.

Well that is it for this time, need to get to the studio as time is just flying by........

All the best