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My Pet Peeve (or just plain venting)

By nature I am (or I try not to complain) as I have a great life and by nature a very happy person.

But when I see people on the web just blatantly selling fake sea glass it just ticks me off.

Here is an instance, there is a person on Amazon off all places (we are talking big time selling now) who is selling "sea glass" jewelry. It is totally fake even to the untrained eye, and yet there is not a place on her description that says it is made made. She claims to have found it in Hawaii, IMPOSSIBLE!  It is totally fake and tumbled....

One day in a fit of rage, I wrote to her and questioned her saying something like you would not sell cubic zirconium as a certified diamond, would you? Never got a response. Go figure?

Then I wrote to Amazon and told them that there was a fake product on their site, no response go figure?

This is not my first time calling out fake sea glass, can I police the web and call out every piece of fake sea glass out there? Well, no even in my rage I am well aware that I cannot.

So what is the answer? are a few tips when purchasing loose sea glass or sea glass jewelry.

1) If the price is too good to be true, just like most things in life you know there is something wrong with it. An average piece of genuine red sea glass pendant size will not be under a $100 these days from a reputable sea glass seller.

2) Most people are buying on line these days, so I can understand how it would be hard to tell from a photo. But genuine sea glass will not be clear when held to the light, it will have pitted markings similar to the letter C. So always check your return policies when purchasing.

3) Yes, you can see with my earrings that I do match my pieces, but they are never perfect. It is extremely rare (almost impossible) to find two perfect square pieces of sea glass. This is a tell tale sign.

I will continue this Education discussion at a later date, as I feel passionately and very strongly about genuine sea glass, and the people who sell fake sea glass and do not disclose it to their clients.

Rant over, (for now) thanks for listening :)