Sea Glass Blog

New Year Resolutions

I cannot speak for you but every year I make new year resolutions, but ahhh I never seem to keep them. One of them is to keep up with this sea glass blog, well here I am but please don't judge me, cause chances are it will not be a resolution kept....:) The truth is I really enjoy writing but keeping up with it is another thing.

Most people think running a sea glass website is fun and just sit back and sell your sea glass jewelry in your pajamas. I will admit it is great not leaving the house to go out and work everyday, as I did that for years. But, just like any job it is hard work and I try and treat just like the brick and mortar flower shoppe I ran for many years

This week I am gearing up and designing  new sea glass jewelry for Valentine's Day, cleaning up the website and adding new product.

I wish you luck on your New Year resolutions this year and if you see me here more often you will know I stuck with mine!

See you soon