Sea Glass Blog

Unpacking and Cleaning Greek Sea Glass

Our six week trip this year to Greece brought us home with 11 Kilos or approximately 24lbs. of sea glass.

As the photos show, I bring the sea glass back in plastic bags and then roll them in bubble wrap and neatly put them in my checked bag. I have a rule with our Greek travels. Since we own a flat  whatever I bring to Greece stays in Greece, so this gives me the luxury of returning with an empty suitcase.

After unpacking the glass see our photos, I fill a small bucket with plain white vinegar the cheaper the better, and a small amount of warm water and whatever dish detergent you prefer. I allow it to soak for about an hour or so, I then rinse it with warm water and we are ready to start the tedious process of sorting, a great Winter project. Note that I do the soaking in small batches, as I like to sort my sea glass wet, and I use a white towel and plenty of good light as this will help to show the true colors of the sea glass. As in the past I confused many red with brown only to find them later mixed in.

I will have more photos in a few days of my progress.