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How To Photograph Sea Glass Jewelry

Well hello,  I have been sidetracked from sorting sea glass we brought back from Greece to photographing new sea glass jewelry to add to our website.

Thought I would give you a little insight to my process.

Of course light plays a huge part. A good camera helps as well.

I prefer a SLR camera myself and purchased this Sony a300 with a micro lens at least 10 years ago and it still rocks it. I know a lot of people use their smart phones for photos, but for me the pixel sharpness is just not there. I want whoever stops by my site to be able to enlarge my photos and see every detail, and you just cannot get this with a smart phone, at least with the I-phone 6 that I have. As phone cameras evolve this may not be the case in the future. So for now I will stay "old school" with my SLR.

When we lived in the Florida Keys I has so much natural light on my side porch  it was amazing, And if you can find natural light use it. 

Moving to Delaware has been good for us but not for light and photographing. I realized I would need a light box. This was daunting as there are so many out there with prices ranging from $20.00 to $500.00. Since it was my first one I decided to buy on the low end. I think I paid about $29.99 on Amazon.

It came with an LED light and was very easy to put together, there is not a wall plug, it comes with a USB cable that I hook right into my studio laptop. The light is very good, but *sigh* nothing beats natural light and when the weather breaks here I will go back to taking my photos outside.

I have invested in a macro lens as feel it really makes a difference when photographing jewelry.

I also find it helps to have something of interest either in the background or as you can see I am using a shell to take my photos. This helps to add some dimension to your photos.

I have also invested in a photo program to crop my photos, and adjust any lighting problems.

This is just one more step in the sea glass business.

So much more I could write, but I think I covered the basics

Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions about any of my blogs!

All the best


light box 1.jpg
light box.jpg