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Happy 2019, January Sea Glass Sorting

Happy New Year! Hoping it is a healthy and prosperous year for you!

Now that the busy holiday season is over it is time to think about our new Spring Sea Glass Jewelry line. This starts with the never ending sorting process. Sifting through the thousands of pieces of Sea Glass that we have acquired can be a tedious task, but also relaxing and thrilling at the same time. Good light and great music are a must!

It always surprises me that I can have sorted through the same container of sea glass many times and yet find an unusual piece that I may have missed the last time. Or my mind is designing a new line of jewelry that I require a different shape.

In 2018 we ventured to Northern California, Greece and our home state of New Jersey on collecting trips. So this makes for loads of new sea glass.

I start my sorting process by color, from there I sort the craft from jewelry grade. I wonder how you sort your sea glass?

Well the light is great right now so off I go….


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