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7- Reasons Sea Glass Has Become So Popular

Have you noticed the sea glass boom?

Have you caught the sea glass fever?

I know it has made me stop to ask myself, just why?

I started collecting sea glass at least 50 years ago, yikes!! did I just say 50? Yes, I was about 10 years old, living on the NJ shore, and collecting not just sea glass, but shells and driftwood. Never dreaming I would become a sea glass jewelry designer.

So these are the top 10 reasons I think sea glass has become so popular.

1. Glass has become an obsolete entity. Plastic has taken over our world. One day I think there will be jewelry made with plastique' instead of sea glass.

2. We recycle. The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. The Greeks in Athens, 500bc were the first to have a municipal dump, so some could say that this is when recycling started. Either way, we have become more aware in the last 40-50 years about public dumping and littering. This has made for less sea glass, making it much more desirable. As with most humans we always want what we cannot have.

3. Profit. With the sea glass boom comes business. It shocks me when I google sea glass jewelry, and what pops up on the top of the page, are places like Nordstroms, Walmart, Target and so on. If you are reading this you know like I know, that it can not possibly be genuine sea glass that they are selling. But sadly, for many people, they are not aware, or just do not care.

4. World Wide Web. With social networking, we can find thousands of sea glass clubs, sea glass sites and an abundance of sea glass knowledge.  There is also a magazine being published, solely dedicated to sea glass.

5. My friend , Richard Lamotte self published his book "Pure Sea Glass" in 2004. I have to give him credit as this book helped to launch the sea glass boom! I do not know how many copies he has sold, but I have never been at a show, or a sea glass festival, when there has not been a massive line of people waiting to purchase his book. Filled with fabulous photos from Celia Pearson, and and 224 pages of sea glass knowledge, it really is a must for a serious sea glass person.

6. Health. With places even like McDonald's changing their menu to healthier options, we are becoming more aware of our heath. It has been proven that walking can improve your health. Well, as a sea glass collector you know it requires plenty of walking and bending. My thought is, that people may not start out as a sea glass collectors, but finding the shiny gems along the shores as they are taking their daily walk, will become to temping to ignore. Alas, a sea glass collector is born!

7. In this high tech world we are searching for relaxation. Most of us spend way to much with our electronic devices, look at me typing away here on my laptop. What else is, free, rewarding, healthy and almost medicinal nowadays? Not too much, sea glass has a way of just making you happy!



Some of my collection from last fall in Greece!

Some of my collection from last fall in Greece!

Richard's Book

Richard's Book

Sea Glass Magazine

Sea Glass Magazine

6- Ways to Use Sea Glass

Well here we are in August, and maybe your sea glass bucket is full.

Now the big question is what to do with it?

First things first, you need to disinfect your sea glass, I have written a blog about this already so I wont go into detail, but white vinegar works for me!

Maybe you have no interest in drilling and designing jewelry with your sea glass and would just like to display it. Here are my 6 ways to use your sea glass for display.

1. Frame it. I am a huge fan of thrift stores and garage sales. Keep an eye for some pretty frames. Start small first, try using E-600 glue it works very well. Play with colored paper background. Try different styles and patterns laying your sea glass out before you glue, there is no wrong pattern just have fun! You may also find a shadow box and just lay your sea glass on the bottom with some cool shells and sand.

2. Put your sea glass in glass containers. Again a great place to find and unlimited amount of bottles and jars are thrift stores and garage sales. Use one color in each jar, or mix the colors it really is whatever makes you happy. A window sill with lots of light would be a perfect place for your sea glass, a great reminder of Summer when those winter days come strolling in. A shelf just for your sea glass is another great place to display, as when items are massed together it makes for a stunning look.

3. Add sea glass to your flower vase. Is your Summer flower garden in bloom? Bring some flowers in and add the sea glass to the bottom of the clear vase before adding water. The color and texture will enhance your fresh flowers.

4. Make a sea glass candle display. It is best to use a shallow container, a Pyrex pie plate could work for this, or something like it. Add 4 or 5 votive candles, the battery operated would work great for this project. Fill in with the sea glass, again mix the colors or just one. We all have a lot of white sea glass and with the glow of the candles the white would be lovely.

5. Make a sea glass ornament. Have a stroll through your local craft store, or on line craft store for either clear plastic or glass balls. You are on the beach anyway this month so take a small bag of sand home from your favorite beach spot. Fill the ball a 1/4 of the way with your sand and then add your sea glass. Use your small pieces for this as the opening will be small. Add some glitter for a little holiday bling. Finish your sea glass ornament with a festive cord, or ribbon and enjoy!

6. Make a sea glass bowl. I sound like a broken record, but you cannot beat a thrift store for a small glass bowl. Be sure to clean it well with soap and water before you begin your design. E-600 glue works wonderfully on sea glass, be patient as this project is close to doing a jig saw puzzle, as you cannot lay your sea glass out first, and you just have to patiently glue each piece of sea glass on leaving as little space as possible. How fun it will be to serve your favorite snacks in this sea glass bowl.

I hope I have inspired you to sort and clean your sea glass and have some creative fun with your Summer treasures!


Mix your sea glass anyway that makes you happy, using all one color or as shown here a fun mix.

Mix your sea glass anyway that makes you happy, using all one color or as shown here a fun mix.

My friend's collection, or part of it! Can you imagine having a sea glass collection to look at like this on those dreary days!

My friend's collection, or part of it! Can you imagine having a sea glass collection to look at like this on those dreary days!